Junk Jack World Viewer

The Junk Jack World Viewer is a Java application that allows you to explore your worlds and your creations. Its purpose it is not to cheat and discover hidden things of your worlds so you won't able to see things that you haven't explored yet.

To open a world you first need to export it from your iDevice. This is easily done through iTunes:

  • plug in your device to the computer
  • open iTunes and select the device from the Devices menu on the left
  • choose Apps tab
  • in the lower part you'll see a section called File Sharing
  • search Junk Jack in the section and select it
  • you will see your world in the right pane, called worldX.dat
  • drag them wherever you want to save them outside your device
Only world from Junk Jack version 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0.5 are supported! Actually world files from version before 1.2 will load but they can show come strange things (because of the updated textures) so it's always better to use v1.2 worlds!

The screenshot shows the application interface. There is an overlay which explains every command available while moving around the world, it's possible to

  • shift the viewport around and change the tile size
  • switch between day mode and night mode
  • change resolution (using the Screen menu shown in the screenshot)
  • save a screenshot of the current viewport on the desktop for easy sharing
All commands are explained inside the upper menus so you can easily see what features are available.

The application is written in Java (with aid of Processing, which is a graphic API) and requires at least the Java Runtime Environment 1.5. Most computers have it installed by default but in case you are missing it just go to the Java homepage and download the correct version for your operating system.

The application is still in a testing phase, so bugs can occur. If you see anything strange just drop a line to us.

Download (v0.3b)